​Polyclonal Antibody Needs

In order to qualify for our Plasma Donation Program, you must be a carrier of one of the following polyclonal blood antibodies. 

Anti-c         Anti-C       Anti-CD       Anti-CDE

Anti-Cw     Anti-E         Anti-e         Anti-Fya

Anti-Fyb    Anti-Jka     Anti-Jkb      Anti-Jsa

Anti-Jsb     Anti-k         Anti-Kell

Anti-Kpa    Anti-Kpb   Anti-Lea

Anti-Lua     Anti-Lub   Anti-M

Anti-PLA1   Anti-S        Anti-s

Anti-Wra    Anti-Yta 

All participants must provide a test result from their healthcare provider with a very high positive result.

Please contact one of our donation specialists to see if you qualify.