Biolynk is the leader and innovator of the FDA-Approved National Antibody Donor Recruitment Program.

Simply put . . . We look for individuals who have been diagnosed with certain types of illnesses to donate their plasma and receive financial compensation.

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This is NOT your typical plasma donation program.
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Unique Plasma
We recruit for
Unique Plasma,
disease-state and auto-immune plasma.
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HOT! We currently have a high demand for people with Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Toxoplasmosis. Please pre-screen today!


Biolynk is the leader in Antibody Recruitment

Plasma Donation Program

What is this and why should I participate?

Plasma Donation FAQ's

Learn about the plasma donation process, and how you can participate.

Donor Qualifications

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Donate for Biolynk and get paid....and we mean paid well.

Our mission is to provide the best control material for medical test kit manufacturing by linking patients and healthcare professionals with the diagnostics industry through recruitment, education, and consulting.

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Antibody recruitment is an important part of preventing and treating Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, other infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases. If you or one of your patients would like more information about our plasma donation program, please feel free to submit your questions and comments.

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