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One Donor At A Time
If you have been diagnosed with any one of the diseases we look for and you meet our specific donor qualifications, you can become a plasma donor for this vital quality control material. You will be compensated each and every time you donate (up to $500 per donation, based on qualification).

If Biolynk is unable to find patients who are willing to donate their plasma, then certain test kits could eventually go on back order.

Therefore, by participating in our Plasma Donation Program you help maintain the availability of laboratory test kits, and you help future patients receive an accurate and prompt test result.

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Biolynk, the leader in the antibody recruitment and consulting industry, recruits and educates patients and doctors who have a desire to help healthcare. Our role is vital due to FDA regulations which require most laboratory test kits to have quality control materials provided by human plasma donors; this requirement ensures the utmost accuracy of test results. In order for us to successfully aid in this part of healthcare, we need patients who qualify for our program and are willing to donate their plasma.

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Patient Resources

Patients who participate in our Plasma Donation Program have an opportunity to not only help healthcare, but earn a minimum of $400 per week in the process.
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Doctor Resources

We need healthcare providers to inform their patients about our Plasma Donation Program so that we can maintain the availability of laboratory test kits.
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Become a Donor

By being involved in our donor program, you ensure the availability and accuracy of laboratory test kits all over the country. Please help assist us in our effort to meet the needs of our nation's healthcare.
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Hepatitis A & B Information

Commonly known as the Hepatitis virus, this disease has several different strains all which cause pain to the liver, or raise a warning flag to those participating in sexual relations with anyone in risk of being affected. As with any epidemic, as it is now considered because of how many people are active carriers of the virus, there is a certain curiosity as to where the virus came from and where it goes from here.

There are several different strains of Hepatitis:

Though there is no specific start-date to the Hepatitis B virus, it is believed to date back to ancient times. The earliest incidences recorded were all believed to be Hepatitis due to the supposed disease of the liver that caused jaundice, or in other words the skin to yellow due to an excess of the pigment bilirubin in the system.

The spread of Hepatitis is largely in part due to poor hygienic maintenance throughout communities around the world. Areas such as South America, India, Central America and Bangladesh have the highest recorded infections of Hepatitis, this due largely to the densely populated communities which can lead to lack of proper health conditions.

There is no true way to completely avoid contracting this virus, but maintaining proper living conditions and keeping your hygienic practices at a constant and high level will definitely help. If you are infected with the virus, there are ways to contribute to the potential prevention of others contracting this virus. Biolynk encourages carriers of various infectious diseases the opportunity to play a vital role in the attempts to treat and accurately diagnose these infectious diseases. We provide monetary compensation for patients who qualify for the program and are willing to donate their plasma.

You may be wondering why anyone would want plasma from an individual with an autoimmune disease or infectious disease such as hepatitis, HIV, or Herpes. Your plasma can be used in research or in test kits as a standard to compare against. There have been laws created that require hepatitis testing and other types of testing to have a control within their kits. With these kits information is gathered that speeds up the process of Hepatitis B treatment. Not only would you be helping those who have not been diagnosed to date, but through Anti-Body recruitment you supply yourself with the additional income that is greatly needed in these financially trying times. Currently, many people do not know of these types of donation programs and the need for plasma is high.