Thank You

Thank you for your interest in our Biolynk Plasma Donation Program

By participating, you can be financially compensated up to $1000 per week by simply donating your plasma.  And you are personally providing other people with your same illness with the chance to get tested properly and accurately.

In order to speed up your qualification process:

Your test results are kept secure and private when they are sent to us and are only used for Biolynk qualification purposes.  If you provided a phone number in the Biolynk web form you originally submitted then a Donor Specialist will be contacting you soon to provide more information about our program.  If you would like to call us sooner we can be reached at 1-888-689-8766.

Disclaimer: Biolynk is looking for specific diseases and certain levels of those diseases. Therefore, not all patients will qualify. By completing this form you are in no way obligating yourself to participate in any of our programs. Information received by Biolynk will be kept confidential and secure. 

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