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Patients: If you have been diagnosed in the past 2-3 weeks with one of the infectious diseases, or if you have ever been diagnosed with one of the autoimmune diseases, or if you carry one of the rare, polyclonal blood antibodies we look for, please give us a call immediately.

Healthcare providers: If you see patients who are diagnosed with any of the following diseases, please call us to see how you can further help healthcare.


*In order to qualify for our Plasma Donation Program you must be a carrier of one of the following polyclonal blood antibodies. All participants must provide a test result from their healthcare provider.
Please contact one of our patient specialists to see if you qualify.
Anti-c Anti-C Anti-CD
Anti-CDE Anti-Cw Anti-E
Anti-e Anti-Fya Anti-Fyb
Anti-Jka Anti-Jkb Anti-Jsa
Anti-Jsb Anti-k Anti-Kell
Anti-Kpa Anti-Kpb Anti-Lea
Anti-Lua Anti-Lub Anti-M
Anti-PLA1 Anti-S Anti-s
Anti-Wra Anti-Yta  

Click here for more information on POLYCLONAL RED CELL ANTIBODIES.