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By being involved in our antibody recruitment program, you ensure the availability and accuracy of hepatitis testing and autoimmune disease laboratory test kits all over the country.

Please help assist us in our effort to meet the needs of our nation's healthcare.


What Is The Plasma Donation Program?

When a test is run on your blood in a laboratory for an infectious disease, autoimmune disease, or hepatitis testing, the FDA requires that a quality control group be run with the test to make sure it is working properly. The FDA also requires that this vital quality control material come from human plasma (this ensures the utmost accuracy for the test kit). The only way to get this needed material is from consenting adult plasma donors who have an infectious disease, like hepatitis A, or an autoimmune disease.

Biolynk's Plasma Donation Program educates and recruits patients who have been diagnosed with certain illnesses and infectious diseases. Specifically, we look for patients who have been diagnosed with an infectious disease, such as the hepatitis B or hepatitis A virus, in the past 2-3 weeks. We also look for patients who have ever been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or patients who carry rare, polyclonal blood antibodies.

If you have been diagnosed with any one of the diseases we look for and you meet our specific donor qualifications, you can become a plasma donor for this vital quality control material. You will be compensated each and every time you donate (up to $500 per donation, based on qualification).

Why Participate?

If Biolynk is unable to find patients for antibody recruitment, then certain test kits could eventually go on back order. Therefore, by participating in our Plasma Donation Program you help maintain the availability of hepatitis A and B, other infectious disease and autoimmune disease laboratory test kits. Your plasma donation helps future patients receive an accurate and prompt test result.

How to participate?

If you qualify to participate, you will be scheduled to visit an FDA licensed Biolynk plasma collection facility. The facilities used for these donations meet the highest FDA standards, and all materials utilized in the plasma collection process are completely sterile and disposed of after each donation.

Your plasma will be collected via a process called plasmapheresis. This procedure is similar to donating whole blood (i.e. Red Cross). In the plasmapheresis process your plasma is collected alone returning your red blood cells back to you. This process typically leaves you without the blood donation side effects of being dizzy or weak. Your body will regenerate plasma collected by the donor centers within 24 hours. The FDA allows a patient to donate up to twice in a seven day period of time.

Contact Biolynk for more information about our Plasma Donation Program.