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And History

Our mission is to link healthcare professionals with the diagnostics industry to increase the health and well being of patients through recruitment, education, and consulting in order to provide the best in control material ensuring the quality and availability of test results.

In 1992, while working with a well-known laboratory test kit manufacturer, one of the founders of Biolynk learned that control material used in test kits could only be derived from human serum. When the test kit manufacturer could not obtain this vital control material, test kits would inevitably go on backorder. By reacting to this need in the healthcare industry, the beginnings of the first antibody recruitment program was established. Since then, officers of the Biolynk Corporation have been the leaders in the antibody recruitment industry seeking out infectious blood donations such as Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B as well as donations from those with autoimmune diseases. Our recruitment procedures have revolutionized the way diagnostic manufacturers procure their vital control material. With over 7000 patients referred, Biolynk has helped to ensure the quality and availability of hundreds of thousands of test kits. We have worked with some of the largest laboratories in the country, and we refer only to FDA licensed donor centers. As Biolynk continues to provide a necessary service in the medical industry, our commitment is to link healthcare one donor at a time.


Biolynk, the leader in the antibody recruitment and consulting industry, recruits and educates patients and doctors who have a desire to help healthcare. Our role is vital due to FDA regulations which require most laboratory test kits to have quality control materials provided by human plasma donors; this requirement ensures the utmost accuracy of test results. In order for us to successfully aid in this part of healthcare, we need patients who qualify for our program and are willing to donate their plasma.

We have several different donation programs which allow those with infectious diseases such as Hep A or Hep B and also those with autoimmune diseases like lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis to participate. View our current needs for a full list of autoimmune diseases and infectious blood donation programs currently needing donations.

This antibody recruitment program is beneficial to all who are involved. When a patient donates his/her plasma, they can be monetarily compensated up to $500 per week (depending on the disease). This money comes at a time when the patient may be out of work due to illness or needs help with healthcare bills, medicine, and other needs. The benefits for the healthcare provider are: availability of diagnostic tests (eliminating delays) and financial assistance for their patients.

It is extremely important that both medical professionals and patients understand that if there are no Hep A, Hep B, and other disease control materials, there will be no test kits. If there are no test kits, there are no test results.


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By being involved in our donor program, you ensure the availability and accuracy of laboratory test kits all over the country. Please help assist us in our effort to meet the needs of our nation�s healthcare.

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